2021 SA/S-Anon Unity Conference

This year's Unity Conference will be held from 10/1- 10/3 in Ontario, California.

2021 Unity Conference Mission and Vision Statement

❖ To create a conference that provides an opportunity for growth and learning by identifying and applying the steps and tools of the SA and S-Anon programs.

❖ To promote and strengthen unity, through recovery, between members of SA and S-Anon.

❖ To leave with a deeper understanding of Living in Gratitude.

Registration can be done here: http://www.sa.org/store

Hotel reservations can be accomplished here: https://www.bookonthenet.net/east/premium/eresmain.aspx?id=xZDicDD4T%2bGcvOyCw3%2bc5eZXGF8wgLr%2bMdxt6GbQtL4%3d&arrival_date=2021-10-01&stay_nights=3&promo_code=Unity%202021

Full Flyer can be seen below: